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How Technology Driven Mattress Protectors Help Any Sleeper

Often overlooked, a mattress protector is your secret ingredient to creating and protecting your sleep environment. Here’s your guide to what kind of mattress protector you need and why.

Do you currently sleep with a mattress protector? Even if you are a very clean and tidy person who does not eat or sleep in bed, and has no children or pets sleeping with you, you can still benefit from a mattress protector. A mattress is an investment that you want to care for to the best of your ability so that it remains high quality for a longer period of time. A mattress protector is the one product you can buy that has the largest impact on your quality of sleep and sleep environment!

Using a mattress protector can help with accidents and spills. If you do have pets or children, this is a no brainer! Do you keep a glass of water on your bedside table? A protector will help protect against spills or moisture. Any protection that stops fluids of any kind from reaching your mattress, or that prevents against dust mites, pet dander, or dead skin cells will keep your sleep environment fresh, clean and comfortable, and will help your mattress last much longer.

What design elements make for a better quality, and what traits should you be looking for to fit your personal needs? Start with the sleep environment you are trying to create and let this guide you to a product solution. There are many naturally derived and hypoallergenic materials, technologies and constructions today that boost breathability, help the hot sleeper stay cooler, or the cold sleeper feel warmer. Plus technologies with advanced temperature regulating qualities for those who fluctuate between hot and cold throughout the night. If your mattress protector is made with a skirt, look for a skirt material quality with lots of stretch that is finished with a durable elastic band to help keep your product in place over your mattress. Give the product a good feel, and check for noisy components that it might be made from. Better qualities mattress protectors should be silent.

Here are some of my favorite mattress protectors that I recommend based on your own needs in a sleep environment:

  1. True Temp Mattress Layer from Sleep Number is perfect for those who are looking for temperature regulating qualities, as this layer uses 37.5 technology that continuously adapts to your body as you sleep. This mattress layer is also hypoallergenic for sensitive sleepers, with a desirable level of plushness, and corner anchor bands to keep the layer locked in place at all times!

  2. SleepSmart Temperature Regulating Waterproof Mattress Protector from Pottery Barn is specially designed with two layers of comfort and clean, dry protection. The waterproof lining is whisper quiet that allows for enough breathability for an extra layer of comfort. Foam mattress fans will fall more in love their sleep environment with this product. This protector also adapts to your body temperature as you sleep, leaving you cool and comfortable all night long.

  3. Polar Point Cool Touch Mattress Pad from Pottery Barn is for all the hot sleepers out there! The technology embedded in the sleep surface absorbs excess heat and creates a cool to the touch environment. Are you struggling with hot flash menopausal symptoms? The Polar Point Mattress Pad is icy cold enough to give you some welcomed relief. This added layer uses hypoallergenic materials, and provides an extra source of comfort and support, allowing your body deep relaxation.

Now it is time to decide what is most important to you. Waterproof lining? Temperature balancing or cool to touch surfaces? Whatever your needs may be, a mattress protector can go a long way in improving your sleep environment, and keeping your mattress in tip-top condition. If you are not already using one, it may be finally time to invest in your sleep and your wellness an extra level!

About Inventive Sleep by Tracy Miller

Sleep Products Innovator Tracy Laskowski Miller, is one of the most engaging and creative sleep wellness product inventors in the industry today. She is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and goals starting with a great night’s sleep. Tracy is known for applying her unique perspective on sleep materials research to create and help people find their favorite bedding products. With more than two million sold since 2006, her engaging brands and sleep solutions are in homes and hotels across the country. Founded by Tracy in 2018, Inventive Sleep has emerged as a leader in designing, inventing and marketing innovative combinations of comfort and technology to create sleep wellness brands and products including sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and mattress pads. Tracy is also the author of the weekly sleep blog Sleep Secrets and Inspirations. In it, Tracy is sharing her expertise on sleep materials research and design, and demystifying the sleep experience with an informative and fun-filled conversation on how sleep helps people with everyday living, as well as some of her tips and tricks on picking your favorite sleep products. For more information, visit Sleep Tonight. Create Tomorrow.™


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