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As A Child, It Was My Blankie. Now, It’s My Pillow.

When thinking about one’s pillow, the first thought that often comes to mind is: Mine. Mine. Mine.

Do you know that feeling when you have to spend the night at a hotel and you’re missing your pillow? Or when you have to share your bed with someone else and it is like a war zone for you to make sure you get to sleep on your own pillow? Move over, emotional support animals, the emotional support pillow is your new BFF because our pillows really do mean so much more than just functional support. That’s right, grown-ups have security blankets too – they just happen to be pillows a lot of the time!

In a similar way that children do not want to go to sleep without their favorite blankie or stuffed animal, adults do not want to go to bed without their favorite pillow! Our pillow provides that same comfortability and familiarity, and this is often why we do not want to sleep anywhere without it or share it with others. Researchers refer to this concept as “essentialism” – the idea that objects are more than just their physical properties. You feel in sync with your pillow and it slowly becomes a part of you over time.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s only natural that pillows are such a personal item. Every individual has a preference for design, comfort, appearance, and structure of course. It is crucial that all of these pillow elements are perfect for you individually so that you can feel happy and look forward to rejuvenating your mind and body. Interestingly enough, despite those unique preferences, pillows are also one of the few items we use to sleep with that people all around the world have in common.

Your BPFF (Best Pillow Friend Forever), can't solve all the world's problems, of course, but it is often deeply inspiring to me to realize how much it can help.

Since we place so much value on our pillows, here’s some tips on how to take care of your favorites:

  1. Keep your favorite pillow fresh by popping it into the dryer on medium heat for a few minutes. The heat stimulates the filling fibers and helps to bring them back to their original fluffiness and also helps to eliminate allergens. Add your favorite dryer sheet to make it smell fresh and clean.

  2. Cover your pillow with a pillow protector. This amazing little product extends the life of your pillow, as well as contributes to easy care. It also adds a little extra comfort that you never realized how you lived without before.

  3. Keep your #1 pillow in a pillowcase that you can easily identify and claim!

  4. Test your pillow. Fold your pillow in half. Does it spring back quickly to resume its former shape? If not, it’s time for it to go. Most down alternative pillows should be replaced every year, and natural down or feather/down blends should be replaced every two to five years. This ensures performance and proper support for your head and neck. If your pillow is lumpy or flat, it's probably at the end of its lifespan.

If you’re in the market for a new pillow, it is important that we know how to choose the right ones. We all have different personal sleep styles, and there are pillows for every function, but I believe that the Fresh Zone pillow could be one of your favorites.

The Fresh Zone Down Alternative pillow from Pottery Barn has “BPFF – Best Pillow Friend Forever” written all over it. Once you start using this pillow, you won’t want to let it go! It is designed with 37.5® Technology for amazing temperature regulating qualities that dissipate excess moisture and humidity so you will never get too hot or too cold. The fabric shell is cotton rich, designed for breathability as well as to provide some resistance to allergens. The down alternative fill, also blended with 37.5® Technology has a substantial feel that will easily contour to support your head and neck. Best yet, what makes the Fresh Zone™ experience complete is the dual odor protection in the fill combining odor absorption from body odors, plus antimicrobial protection for bacterial odors. The pillow is also double needle stitched so fibers won’t sneak out. With all this performance in one pillow, you’re sure to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Add this product to your collection today and soon you won’t be able to sleep without it! This pillow will stay cool and fresh, and soon enough, nothing will be able to compare. For even better results, try it out with other Sleepsmart™ products!

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