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The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide For All The Sleepyheads In Your Family

Who doesn’t wish for better quality sleep? The perfect product for each of your loved ones this holiday season, no matter their sleep style!

This year has been a whirlwind to say the least. March feels like yesterday, but also years ago at the same time. After a year of curveballs being thrown at us and a plethora of mixed emotions, it is finally time to get excited about the holiday season that is fast approaching! I think we all deserve to start celebrating a little early this year. We have earned the right to some much-needed holiday cheer.

As holiday shopping begins, it is always a challenge for me to decide where to even start. This year is no exception. What does everyone need in a time where we hardly leave the house? Even work and school is done from home!

One thing that everyone always needs, especially in the stressful year that is 2020, is high quality sleep products. Lucky for you, I have put together the go-to guide for which product each of your loved ones could use the most to improve their sleep and wellness this season.

For hot sleepers

True Temp Sheet Set or the True Temp Blanket from Sleep Number are two great options for those that are tired of waking up in their own sweat. Perfect for all seasons, these products use technology that adapts to your personal body temperature, and continuously acclimates through the night to keep you comfortable and cool. These products use the same technology to regulate temperature used in workwear and athletic wear including Adidas®, Bauer®, Carhartt®.

For pillow lovers

SleepSmart Fresh Zone™ Down Alternative Pillow or SleepSmart Wool Memory Pillow from Pottery Barn are two great options to add to any collection this year, and we all know you can never have too many pillows! Depending on the desired level of support, either of these pillows can have your loved ones sleeping more soundly and waking up feeling fresh and rejuvenated ready to take on what 2021 has in store.

For those with allergies

The Cotton Pillow Protector from Sleep Number minimizes dust and allergens with its classic style and tight weave construction. This protector was thoughtfully curated and designed with allergy and asthma sufferers in mind!

For those looking to relax more in 2021

True Temp Weighted Blanket from Sleep Number is ideal for those looking for some deep relaxation this holiday season. The deep pressure simulation provides much-needed calming effects while simultaneously using 37.5 technology to adapt to your body temperature. If you know someone who has always wanted to give a weighted blanket a try, but is afraid of overheating, this is the perfect product for them!

For kids and teens

The Charcoal Odor-Eliminating Sheet Set from Pottery Barn Teen is designed to stay cleaner and fresher for longer. Made with charcoal infused polyester and Tencel Lyocell fibers, the fabric creates a less favorable environment for bacteria to grow, offering a more hygienic comfort for sensitive sleepers. Activated charcoal in the fibers absorbs moisture which also assists in odor elimination. The teen in your house that maybe doesn’t wash their sheets as often as they should could use this sheet set!

For comfort seekers

The True Temp Mattress Layer from Sleep Number offers an added layer of silky soft, cool-touch comfort all over! With 37.5 technology, active particles move heat away when you are hot, and trap humidity when you are cold, creating the perfectly balanced sleep environment through the night. Adding a quality mattress layer to your bed is the best and easiest way to improve your overall comfort and sleep experience!

Get the gift that keeps on giving to your loved ones this year: the gift of comfort! In a time where we all could use some extra rest and relaxation, quality sleep products are the investment that can make all the difference. Everyone loves a good pillow or blanket that they look forward to using each and every night. Watch their faces light up with joy when they open these gifts from you this year!

About Inventive Sleep, Inc.

Inventive Sleep is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and goals starting with a great night’s sleep. Its founder, Sleep Products Innovator Tracy Laskowski Miller, is one of the most engaging and creative sleep wellness product inventors in the industry today. She is known for her unique perspective on sleep materials research to create and help people find their favorite bedding products. With more than two million sold since 2006, her engaging brands and sleep solutions are in homes and hotels across the country. The company is a leader in designing, inventing and marketing innovative combinations of comfort and technology to create sleep products and brands including sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and mattress pads. Tracy is also the author of the weekly sleep blog Sleep Secrets and Inspirations. In it, Tracy is sharing her expertise on sleep materials research and design, and demystifying the sleep experience with an informative and fun-filled conversation on how sleep helps people with everyday living, as well as some of her tips and tricks on picking your favorite sleep products. For more information, visit Sleep Tonight. Create Tomorrow.™


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