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Tips for Sleeping Out

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Once you’ve created your own blissful sleep area at home with the softest sheets, hypo-allergenic bedding, and calming colors and scents, you’re not going to want to sleep anywhere else! In fact, you might find that sleeping out – whether on the road for work, traveling to a new place, or visiting friends and family – is more difficult after you’ve created your own Zen sleep zone. Here’s how to take a piece of your sleep-friendly home on the road with you and get a good night’s rest wherever you go.

Transforming your hotel pillow for a better night’s sleep

One of the simplest ways to transform your hotel pillow into the sleep-friendly bedding that’s awaiting you back home is to travel with a pillow protector. Many people who suffer from allergies already know that adding a protective allergen barrier like the cotton protect sold at Sleep Number can help. When you’re sleeping on a hotel pillow, bringing along your own hypo-allergenic pillow protector can help improve your sleep and provide peace of mind.

In addition to protecting you from dust mites, a pillow protector also protects against pet dander when you’re visiting friends or family members with a fuzzy sidekick. Just don’t forget to remove your pillow protector at the end of your trip and bring it home to wash and store with your travel gear in preparation for your next trip. You can also bring your own pillowcase with you for a more restful night’s sleep while on the road.

Changing bedding can have an impact on your sleep, so for those who struggle with sleeping in a new bed, bringing along your own pillowcase can help. If you are a hot sleeper, traveling with your own True Temp™ pillowcases can help keep you cool when sleeping on a hotel pillow. The new sleep technology adapts to your body during the night, helping you maintain your ideal microclimate and providing a more comfortable night’s sleep. These pillowcases actually move heat and humidity away from your body to help you sleep better, at just the right temperature all night long.

If you find the hotel’s pillows are too soft or flat to keep your head and neck fully supported, consider stuffing two pillows into your own pillow protector or pillowcase. Bring a larger sized pillowcase with you when you travel to accomplish this, if you like to sleep on more supportive pillows. To help you remember to bring your pillow protector and pillowcases home, consider purchasing bright colored ones that will contrast with the hotel’s sheets. Since most hotel bedding is white, pillowcases that are any color or pattern help the housekeeping staff quickly identify what belongs to the guest.

How to get to sleep faster when it’s just not happening for you

Everyone hopes they can fall quickly to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. That perfect night’s sleep starts with drifting peacefully off, before our mind kicks into high gear to worry about all the things we have to do tomorrow! But when you’re sleeping away from home, in an unfamiliar bed and without your comfiest sheets, pillows, and pj’s – it can be hard to fall right to sleep.

Here are my favorite ways to kick-start my own journey into sleep-land:

  1. Turn off the lights – The blinking light from the TV or the lamppost just outside can keep you from falling asleep. At home you can remove these distractions by switching to a softer, warmer light to read by and investing in blackout curtains. When traveling, bring a ‘chip clip’ to close off curtains and place a blanket in front of the door to reduce outside light from getting in. Another great way to help add more comfort and block out the lights is to travel with a weighted eye mask. I love the True Temp Weighted Eye Mask available at Sleep Number stores. Specially designed to naturally contour and comfortably fit to the curves of your face. The scrunchie inspired construction is comfortable to sleep and helps keep mask in place. Tiny glass beads provide gentle weight around your eyes for a welcomed amount of pressure relief that anyone with sinus sensitivities or headaches will appreciate. Another smart feature is that this mask is made with temperature regulating material to keep you cool and dry, plus odor absorbing qualities to help keep your mask fresh, clean, and comfortable on the road.

  2. Meditate – Take a few minutes to reflect, focus, feel thankful and just be kind to yourself. Fast paced days can lead to “what’s next” instead of “what’s now” thinking, especially at the end of the day. Practicing meditation is a great way to hit the pause button and help you get the most out of your night’s sleep.

  3. Stretch to sleep - I have been practicing simple yoga stretches nightly to help my body feel loose and relaxed, and my mind to clear and focused on a great night’s sleep.

  4. Note to self – Keep a journal or a notepad on your nightstand and write down five things you have on your mind before you turn off the lights. The simple act of writing a to-do list or jotting down your feelings, challenges, or goals can help you relax and fall asleep faster.


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