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Eat Right Today. Sleep Well Tonight.

Prioritize your overall wellness with a combination of eating right and sleeping sound.

I love trying new recipes. It is so exciting when I find something fun, easy to make, and healthy that the whole family will enjoy. In 2021, it has become a main priority for my family and I to take care of our bodies and prioritize our overall health and wellness in every aspect of our lives.

Certain foods like oatmeal can help get your health and wellness goals on track, starting with a healthy diet. The health benefits of oatmeal range from weight loss, to inflammation to gut health to insulin response. In fact, studies show those who regularly consume oatmeal have healthier overall lifestyles. Sounds similar to the health benefits a good night’s sleep can deliver? Absolutely!

Incorporating oatmeal into your regular breakfast routine, plus a great night’s sleep, may soon have you feeling better and ready to take on your day each morning. Small habits we can change each day such as swapping a donut for a fun family-friendly recipe will have a long-term impact on your overall wellness.

Here are 3 fun oatmeal recipe ideas to try at home:

  • Have a healthy and sweet breakfast all morning with this baked oatmeal recipe. A great option for when you are hosting family in town as this recipe is a delicious fan-favorite and can feed the whole family. Even the kids will love it!

  • Yum! Want french toast in the morning without all the sugar and calories? This overnight oats recipe is a great healthy substitute to satisfy your cravings while maintaining your health and wellness habits. This is an easy recipe to make the night before for mornings when you may not have time to whip up a healthy breakfast.

  • If you are a lover of banana bread, you will love this version of it in oatmeal form. Tons of nutrient-rich ingredients in this recipe include fruit, oats and chia seeds that will have you feeling full and satisfied all morning long.

Partner your healthy diet with a healthy sleep routine. Improve your overall wellness by creating a sleep environment that is welcoming and allows you to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated to take on the day. I recommend the Polar Point Cool Touch Mattress Pad as one product you can buy that will have the largest impact on your overall quality of sleep. Especially for the summer, this is a great product to incorporate into your environment as the cool-touch sensation will keep you cool and calm, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

Get a great night’s sleep with great products tonight, wake up feeling rested and recovered tomorrow, and take it a step further by starting your day the right way with a fun oatmeal recipe to continue elevating your health goals!

About Inventive Sleep® by Tracy Miller

Tracy Miller is a trusted inventor and innovator of dynamic, technology driven, and comfortable products for the home, and founder of Inventive Sleep™. Her engaging brands are found in millions of homes and hotels across the country. As a Sleep Products Innovator, Tracy is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and goals starting with a great night’s sleep. Her reputation for combining proven and modern materials in everyday products including sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and mattress pads, adds exciting new comfort and performance qualities consumers love to incorporate into their homes. Tracy is also the author of the weekly sleep blog Sleep Secrets and Inspirations. In it, she shares her expertise on materials research and design, and demystifies the sleep experience with an informative and fun-filled conversation on how sleep helps people with daily living, as well as some of her tips and tricks on picking your favorite products. For more information, visit Sleep Tonight. Create Tomorrow.™


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