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Talking Sleep Tech and the Future of Comfort with Therapedic International CEO Gerry Borreggine

Sleep industry veteran Gerry Borreggine is the CEO of Therapedic International. I had the privilege of sitting down with him recently to talk about the future of our industry and the exciting changes he is seeing in sleep technology making mattresses even more comfortable, supportive, and temperature regulating than ever before.

1. What’s your favorite sleep product?

Gerry: Mattresses, of course! A really good mattress that you pick out to help solve your own personal comfort needs is the first step in building a room where you can really relax and rejuvenate. At Therapedic, we specialize in Innerspring Mattresses that are designed to provide support while you sleep, Hybrid Mattresses that combine the newest sleep technology to offer durable support and contouring comfort, Specialty Mattresses that provide unique comfort solutions and heat dissipation features, and Heavy-Duty Mattresses that deliver maximum support and superior comfort.

Me: I sleep on a Therapedic hybrid mattress. Mattresses are such a personal item to choose and start building your own sleep space around. They are a big investment and you spend a lot of time on them, so your mattress should really be one of your favorite sleep items. You can pick one that addresses your individual needs, with tech features from cooling to anti-bacterial. We can accessorize and optimize our sleep comfort with layers and designs, but the right mattress is the foundation we build on. It sets the tone for your mental and physical comfort.

2. What sleep comfort items are a must bring for you when you travel?

Gerry: I think it’s important to bring small personal items that are important to you to help improve your sleep away from home. I travel a lot, so bringing things that make me feel like I am at home helps me relax wherever I hang my hat while on the road. Comfortable sleepwear, favorite shampoo, and other toiletries are all easy to travel with, but can help you feel at home somewhere new.

Me: I totally agree. We pick those items carefully, so when we have to use a substitute when traveling it can add just one more stressor to the day. If you’re thinking about what the hotel shampoo is going to do to your hair, that takes up a little bit of space in your head. But when you bring your home scents and routines with you, it helps you relax and feel comfortable before you go to sleep somewhere new. I always try to remember not to skimp on my bedtime routine when I travel. When possible, following the same pre-sleep routines while on the road helps me create a more comfortable sleep environment.

3. Do you have any good tips for getting a great night’s sleep at home?

Gerry: Get a great mattress pad and replace your pillows before they lose their shape. There are a lot of different options out there for both mattress pads and pillows, so take the time to pick the one that meets your comfort, sleep, and temperature needs. Sometimes pillows are the last thing people think about, but they’re an excellent companion to your mattress to help your body comfortably align all night long.

Me: Depending on the type of pillow you have; it can be a good rule of thumb to replace it every two years. But, once you feel like a pillow is losing its support, it probably is. One pillow test you can do is to hold it up and put your hand in the center. If the pillow’s sides turn down, into a frown, it needs to be replaced. Rather than washing your pill

ow, use a pillow protector and wash that. Any pillow can be put in the dryer for 15 minutes on tumble dry to re-fluff it. Finally, if the pillow is yellowing or has visual stains, it’s time to replace it. That yellowing is actually bacterial growth.

4. What is your most important spring-cleaning tip for home bedding?

Gerry: Airing out your room. Take off all of your bedding, including the mattress pad, and let your mattress air out and enjoy some fresh air. You can also add an air purifier to your sleep space to keep that fresh air feeling going. Remember to replace your mattress pad too. Many people kind of forget that it’s under there, but when it’s no longer giving you the same level of comfort and protection, it’s time to replace it.

Me: There are so many benefits to fresh air. Just airing myself out every day with a dog walk around the block is so important for my mental health, as well as the physical benefits. So, it’s good to hear you say that about airing our sleep spaces and mat

tresses. I am so focused on the bedding part, that I think I forget to do this. There are so many cleaning products out there, but sometimes the simple things are the best. You don’t need anything fancy to air out your sleep space and get the immediate benefits of some air circulation. Those positive effects will follow you around all day, just like a good night’s sleep.

Check out these reasons to get outside daily (including better sleep) from WebMD:

5. What industry trends are you most excited about?

Gerry: It’s exciting to see the level of attention that improving our overall sleep environment has been getting worldwide. People are paying much more attention to what’s out there that can help you sleep better. New cooling technology is helping people rest and relax, and consumers are enjoying mattresses that they can really sink into, that conform to them. It’s exciting to see those new technologies as the industry responds to consumer demand for new levels of comfort and support.

Me: You can really personalize your sleep environment today more than ever before. We can layer up, mixing and matching new technology and products designed to deliver cooling and comfort. Consumers are excited about them and they’re leading healthier and happier lives because they are getting the sleep and recovery they need.

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