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Inventive Sleep® Backrest Wedge Pillow from Sleep Innovator Tracy Miller Delivers on Form & Function

New Specialty Line of Multifunctional Pillows Combines Decoration with Comfort and Support

CHICAGO, IL (August 2, 2023) — Sleep products innovator Tracy Miller announced today the launch of Inventive Sleep® Specialty Pillows, a unique line of multifunctional, supportive, comfortable, and decorative home décor. The first product to debut is the Inventive Sleep® Backrest Wedge Pillow, a versatile headboard sized decorative pillow designed to elevate and release pressure on the head, neck, shoulders, hips, and legs to reduce discomfort.

The Inventive Sleep® Backrest Wedge Pillow is now available at Pottery Barn. Designed with rest, relaxation, and elevated home décor in mind, the versatile headboard sized wedge pillow features an ergonomic design that provides pressure-relieving support. Its decorative, removable cover and button-tufted design blend seamlessly with your home décor, elevating your space and delivering the perfect place to lounge. The pillow’s double pocket design offers extra storage for mobile phones, digital readers, glasses, remote controls, and more.

“Instead of just adding color and texture to a sleep space with a decorative pillow, my latest line of specialty pillows delivers function, as well as design,” said Tracy Miller, sleep innovator. “Consumers today want home products that combine the latest sleep technology with the most comfortable designs and fabrics. They’re also looking for solutions to help them rest better – and the Inventive Sleep® Backrest Wedge Pillow was designed with that in mind. It offers strong support for lounging in your sleep space, while still bringing the highest quality design features to elevate your home decor.”

Since 2006, Tracy Miller sleep products have inspired people to experience exciting new levels of comfort and joy. With a commitment to understanding how the restorative and revitalizing effects of a good night’s sleep impact not only the physical body, but also uplift and encourage us to live better, happier lives, Miller is focused on combining dynamic sleep innovations with high quality materials and designs. With functional décor that matches your style, the Inventive Sleep® Specialty Pillows line promises to make our daily lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Inventive Sleep® Backrest Wedge Pillow delivers an adjustable, raised, and elevated comfort quality to your bed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The unique pillow design encourages a comfortable and relaxing posture at the head of the bed. This can help alleviate snoring by allowing you to breathe more easily. The pillow is designed to help minimize pressure points so you can relax and sleep better. In addition, a raised and tapered edge provides the desirable level of firm support to rest another pillow on top of. Uninterrupted sleep is possible with the ideal level of support and comfort.

Tracy Miller has 15 years of experience in technical textile fiber research and material design, and quality control. She helps to demystify the sleep products industry for consumers and combines textile trends and technology to deliver innovative new sleep products designed to inspire people to rest and recover. Miller created the industry’s first moisture-wicking down alternative bedding fill and temperature-regulating technical down blend fill and led the industry’s first bedding collaboration with a skin care company. She is the inventor of sleep products used in millions of homes and sold to retailers nationwide.

About Tracy Miller and Inventive Sleep, Inc.

Tracy Miller is a trusted inventor and innovator of dynamic, technology-based, solution-driven products for the home, and founder of Inventive Sleep™. Her engaging brands are found in millions of homes and hotels across the country. As a Sleep Innovator, Tracy is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and goals starting with a great night’s sleep. Her reputation for combining proven and modern materials in everyday products including sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and mattress pads, adds exciting new comfort and performance qualities consumers love to incorporate into their homes. Tracy is also the founder of Inventive Sleep, Inc., a marketing and product design company, and author of the weekly sleep blog Sleep Secrets and Inspirations. In her sleep blog, she shares her expertise on materials research and design, and demystifies the sleep experience with an informative and fun-filled conversation on how sleep helps people with daily living, as well as some of her tips and tricks on picking your favorite products. For more information, visit http://www.tracymillersleep. Sleep Tonight. Create Tomorrow.™

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