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Five Option Plays When Football Lets You Down

I admit, as Chicago native, I am a football fan. I love to put on my Chicago Bears jersey and cozy up on the couch with a blanket for a Sunday afternoon game. I’ve got my favorite snack routine, which is homemade popcorn that I make with my Stir Crazy popper! (I’m obsessed with kitchen gadgets and could talk all day about how much fun this popper is if anyone from West Bend brands is reading this!) And I’m sure the neighbors think I’ve gone crazy during football parties, when I yell instructions to the coach and quarterback as I watch without technical understanding of the rules.

But there is always a bye week when the team isn’t scheduled to play. Or maybe they’ve scheduled a game on a Thursday night or the coveted Monday night spot and that leaves Sunday afternoon feeling rather…empty. Here are five “option plays” for a Sunday afternoon when football isn’t an option.

· Spa afternoon—Whether you pamper yourself or invite a group of friends over, dedicating an afternoon to your favorite spa treatment can be a great way to relax and recharge. The specific activity is definitely a personal choice but hopefully has the same rejuvenating result. Turn on some soothing music and enjoy a mani/pedicure. Try a new facial mask or arrange for a full-on massage to knead out the workweek stress. I am a skincare junkie, and recently purchased a facial steamer! It’s so relaxing and you look 10 years younger after a few minutes of hydrating steaming!

· Baking—And speaking of kneading, remember the sourdough starter craze from last year? Do you also remember just how good a fresh, crusty loaf of bread tastes when it emerges from the oven? Don’t let those newly acquired skills go to waste! Pull out the flour and prepare your tastebuds for a mouthwatering treat. This time a year I’m making pumpkin bars!

· Hike in the Woods—One good way to work up an appetite for that sourdough bread is a hike in the woods. There is a forest preserve not far from my home where I’ve spent many happy hours wandering with my flat coated retriever, Stormy. If you don’t like hiking alone, organize a group. There’s always someone looking to get their 10,000 steps in! Love learning about plants? There is more than one app for your phone to help identify plants…to help avoid the poison ivy! Here’s good article from Hortibiz Daily that lists to top plant identification apps.

· Museum—A bye week supplies the perfect opportunity to visit that local museum on your bucket list. Or look up museums nearby and find a hidden gem. Some interesting picks in my area include an international sculpture park, a museum dedicated to building blocks (think Legos® and Lincoln Logs®), the historical society and a wide variety of art galleries.

· Nap time—If all that activity leaves you a bit tuckered out, the next best step might be to give yourself a #sleeptreat with an afternoon nap. Rainy Sunday afternoons in particular pose the perfect scenario for this well-earned repose. It is important to set the right mood and scene for optimal rest. Banish loud noises. Shut the curtains. And breakout your True Temp Weighted Blanket. Great for calming anxiety that is sported related or otherwise. What makes this weighted blanket so different is that the removable outer cover is specially designed for temperature regulation with breathable cotton and 37.5® technology yarns that help to attract, evaporate and release excess heat and moisture. Plus, it’s a great personal use size that will store under a shelf or in the TV cabinet.

About Sleep Innovator, Tracy Miller

Tracy Miller is a trusted inventor and innovator of dynamic, technology driven, and comfortable products for the home, and founder of Inventive Sleep™. Her engaging brands are found in millions of homes and hotels across the country. As a Sleep Products Innovator, Tracy is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and goals starting with a great night’s sleep. Her reputation for combining proven and modern materials in everyday products including sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and mattress pads, adds exciting new comfort and performance qualities consumers love to incorporate into their homes. Tracy is also the author of the weekly sleep blog Sleep Secrets and Inspirations. In it, she shares her expertise on materials research and design, and demystifies the sleep experience with an informative and fun-filled conversation on how sleep helps people with daily living, as well as some of her tips and tricks on picking your favorite products. For more information, visit Sleep Tonight. Create Tomorrow.™


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