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Since 2006, Tracy Miller sleep products have inspired people to experience exciting new levels of comfort and joy. Tracy understands the restorative and revitalizing effects a good night’s sleep has not just for the physical body, but how sleep generates a positive energy that uplifts people emotionally and encourages them live a happier life. But what’s better, as one of the most dynamic sleep innovators and personalities in the industry today, she also knows what materials to use to create the solutions.



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“My unique perspective on technology-driven materials research and design creates product experiences that engage and uplift people. I believe a great night's sleep is the solid foundation that helps support you in making positive choices during the day. Shopping for these sleep products should be fun. I am committed to helping others feel this way and transform their outlook on life!”

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Have you ever noticed that when you’ve had enough sleep, you wake up feeling like it’s going to be a great day? Tracy Miller passionately believes the benefits a great night’s sleep. It emboldens your entire outlook on life. There’s a lot of research validating that lack of sleep has many far-reaching negative effects. Tracy’s products focus on helping you address one of the most important, most intimate relationships that can positively affect your sleep: what you’re sleeping with!



“I draw my inspiration from emerging trends and dive into new ways of thinking. Every day, I'm inspired by a diverse, multi-category global network of innovators. The synergistic results of these efforts include exciting new products, benefits and experiences.”


Sharing happy news is good for you and everyone you know. When we find a great new pillow, we recommend it. When we experience a new cozy comforter, we share it. When we discover a better way to live, we invite others. The practice of sharing new sleep product experiences with others makes you feel good – it helps improve lives. It allows people to feel joy. Follow my adventures in sleep on Instagram and with my weekly blog: Sleep Secrets & Innovations.


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