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Good Morning, Gorgeous!

Fitness Expert and Model Tanjie Brewer shares tips on how to incorporate a Stylish and Fit™ lifestyle into your busy schedules, and feel confident in your own skin!

There’s a lot of truth behind the old phrase “smile and the world smiles back at you!” Starting your day feeling confident and happy impacts how you greet the world personally and professionally. I’m sure you’ve be on the receiving end as well, generated from others’ good vibes. Ever notice when clothes look good on someone, you feel the positive energy and confidence in the way they are greeting the world? When you feel good from the inside out, it’s absolutely infectious!

Tanjie Brewer is a leading fitness and wellness coach, stylist, and model. She has dedicated her life to helping people be the best versions of themselves, combining nutrition and training plans that feed the mind and body. She provides expert advice on how to best wear what you feel inside through personal styling. Through Tanjie’s company, Stylish and Fit™, she has had much success with her Lifestyle of Vitality™ challenge and videos that have awakened, motived and empowered people around the globe to embrace all the opportunities of life.

Zumba®, the dance-cardio class that feels more like a party than exercise, designed to bring people together, is where Tanjie and I met. We connected on more than the Latin and International music with high octane dance moves, but on our shared commitment to helping people find joy in their lives. She has amazing energy, and spending just a few minutes talking with her leaves you feeling enlightened and inspired.

Ready to embrace some more positivity in your life? Not everyone needs hire a professional stylist or tackle a complicated nutrition program to boost their journey to more confidence and wellness. To create our own Stylish and Fit™ lifestyle, here are a few pieces of advice from Tanjie.

1. Understand the “Why” of Your Fitness Journey

When starting a fitness journey it can be daunting to even know where to begin. Tanjie advises to always start with your mind. Take a few moments to reflect on the “why” you want to change your lifestyle, and write it down. Understanding your “why” is taking a huge mental step forward toward changing your habits for better health. Do you want to be around for your kids and grandkids? Find your own reasoning deep within yourself. Decide what that reason is and pin it in, don’t pencil it in, to your daily life.

2. Visualize The World as Your Fitness Playground

Be creative and find new ways to inspire yourself! Have your workout clothes always prepared with a self affirmation note on top of the clothes. It might say something like “girl, you’ve got this because you are strong and vivacious!” You might even stick a small amount of money in your pocket, run to your nearest mall, and treat yourself to something small. If you are not a shopper, use the money to run to a place to do a fun activity such as painting pottery. Try riding your bike to get lunch somewhere, then riding back. Welcome each day as an opportunity to set and achieve a new goal. By incorporating one activity that gets you moving, you are already improving.

According to Tanjie, “It’s not what you didn’t do yesterday, but what you are blessed to be able to do today is where your focus should be.” Encouraging words to live by indeed!

3. Eat the Rainbow…Most of the Time!

You would be surprised the impact simple food choices make on your health, especially for beginners. Tanjie is a big fan of the 80/20 rule as an easy diet to introduce you to better food choices. 80 percent of the time your food should be bright, lively and healthy choices. The other 20 percent does not have to be! If you follow this rule, make sure you are getting your six to eight servings of vegetables and the proper amount of protein. When you look at your plate, it should look like a rainbow!

4. Wear Your Personality

In her years as a stylist, she’s helped people reinvent their closets, focusing on clothing pieces that rise up to greet them with joy. According to Tanjie, clothes are an expression of what is going on the inside. They help communicate the wellness, purpose, and beauty you feel inside to everyone around you.

When selecting an outfit, ask yourself “Does this represent how I feel today?”

“You want to wear something that demonstrates who you are and what you feel at all times. For me, on rainy days I would pick something yellow or bright pink to wear into the office to give me an added pick-me-up,” said Tanjie. “Everyone has a power color. Mine is hot pink. Identify what your power color is and make it work for you!”

5. Prioritize Your Beauty Sleep

You can’t lead a Stylish and Fit™ lifestyle without your beauty sleep to help your body take full advantage of all your great daytime health and wellness choices. A great night’s sleep is necessary for vitality. Recovery is just as important as working out during the day because you have to give your body a chance to rest and digest to prepare for the next day. Tanjie suggests, when you wake, drinking one to two glasses of water to help flush toxins out of your system as a positive way to start your day.

What is Tanjie’s favorite sleep product? A Pillow!

“I love a nice good pillow. They really make the difference for me! Add a soft comforter with beautiful music playing in the background and the window open to nice breeze coming in. Add an island setting and I’m in heaven!”

Photos courtesy of Tanjie Brewer

About Tanjie Brewer

Founder and CEO of Stylish and Fit, Tanjie’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and esteem/personal development that will last a lifetime. She is a certified personal trainer, licensed fitness instructor, nutrition consultant, speaker, author, modeling coach, wardrobe stylist, and fashion designer. Her unrelenting passion to see others increase their vitality and command the stage has transformed the lives of men and women globally. From that passion was birthed programs that are near and dear to her heart – Lifestyle of Vitality (L.O.V.) Challenge and the COV (Circle of Vitality) Virtual challenge. Over the years, participants’ testimonials include a reduced dress sized 22 to size 6, 59 pounds weight lost in four months, reduction or elimination of prescription medicines, and countless other testimonials about how lives are being transformed. Her expertise in nutrition, fitness, and fashion contributes to participants overall lifestyle change. She has conducted workshops, events, fashion shows, and has been the guest keynote speaker for universities, schools, churches, and other organizations locally and nationally. In 2012, the Oklahoma State Legislature presented her a citation of appreciation from Senator Jabar Shumate acknowledging how she has “throughout her career found ways to improve the Greater Tulsa community and empower those around her to grow in knowledge about health and fitness for a better quality of life”. Now residing in the Chicago area, she is excited to expand her reach and continue changing lives. You can learn more about Stylish and Fit at

About Inventive Sleep, Inc.

Inventive Sleep is dedicated to helping people realize their dreams and goals starting with a great night’s sleep. Its founder, Sleep Products Innovator Tracy Laskowski Miller, is one of the most engaging and creative sleep wellness product inventors in the industry today. She is known for her unique perspective on sleep materials research to create and help people find their favorite bedding products. With more than two million sold since 2006, her engaging brands and sleep solutions are in homes and hotels across the country. The company is a leader in designing, inventing and marketing innovative combinations of comfort and technology to create sleep products and brands including sheets, pillows, comforters, blankets and mattress pads. For more information visit Sleep Tonight. Create Tomorrow.™

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