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Inventive Sleep™ To Launch New Sleep Wellness Blog


Tracy Laskowski Miller will soon be sharing her sleep tips and tricks on her new blog – Sleep Secrets and Inspirations™

NAPERVILLE, IL - Sleep Products Innovator Tracy Laskowski Miller will soon be sharing her sleep products and tips through her newly launched blog and website. Tracy has combined her background in material research and design to help consumers find the most functional sleep products that work for them. The blog will highlight the best features about her products, proven and emerging sleep technologies, as well as the secrets to a good night’s sleep, according to her and other leading experts.

"I am always inspired by all the stories people share with me on how a great night’s sleep plays a role in their lives," says Tracy Laskowski Miller, Sleep Products Innovator and Founder of Inventive Sleep. "A favorite pillow, or blanket has uplifted people’s spirits for decades, helping them deal with the stresses of life and, I believe, inspiring them to share these feelings with their friends and family. Promoting feel-good experiences has never been more important, and this is at the heart of the Sleep Secrets and Inspirations content."

The blog will be posting new articles and interviews several times a week, and new post announcements can be found on Inventive Sleep’s social media pages. The first few posts will feature cooling bedding products for the summer, an innovative new performance sheet from Pottery Barn Teen, and sleep recovery advice from a physical performance coach who has experience working with elite athletes including the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls.

Tracy believes the sleep experience should be fun. She wants her audience to look forward to going to bed at night, and anticipate waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. Some bedding products are designed for functionality rather than fashion, and have the consumers’ well-being in mind at all times. The goal of Sleep Secrets and Inspirations is to help her audience find products they love in order to sleep better and feel better so that they can take on the world.

“Many people understand the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep,” says Tracy. “But there’s always questions on which products to buy, why, and how to use them. This makes people feel stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain if they have purchased a product they will enjoy. We are demystifying the sleep experience with an informative and fun-filled conversation on how sleep helps people with everyday living. We will cover everything from health and wellness to beauty and construction, along with interviews with thought leaders to add some perspective.”

The blog is set to be launched Wednesday, June 10, 2020 and will be located at

To find out more information, visit or follow Inventive Sleep on Instagram at

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