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A Performance Blanket For Any Activity


The TrueTemp™ blanket from Sleep Number® is the perfect product for blanket forts, movie nights and more, all while keeping your body temperature regulated, and keeping you cozy.

NAPERVILLE, IL – A blanket is not always the first product to come to mind when thinking of one’s essential bedding products. Many people are unfamiliar with all of the benefits a blanket can offer. With today’s advancements in technical fibers and yarns, there is a new generation of performance blankets with smart features. These include temperature balancing qualities ready to help keep you dry and comfortable during any activity including watching TV, reading, and of course while sleeping.

“It’s not a secret I happen to have a love affair with blankets. A good quality blanket has many amazing uses, and will bring years of happy feelings to anyone who owns them,” Sleep Products Innovator Tracy Laskowski Miller said.

In her blog, Sleep Secrets and Inspirations, Tracy describes her top three uses for a quality blanket:

1. Comfort in all seasons – A blanket designed for lightweight breathable comfort, with a very low loft makes it the perfect layer to add a touch of extra warmth to one’s comforter in the fall or winter, and be a main source of comfort in the spring and summer.

2. Fashion for the bed – A blanket gives one the opportunity to create new looks for the bed without having to invest in new decorative pieces. One can layer the blanket under or over the comforter, or creatively fold it at the foot or head of the bed.

3. Favorite in the family room – Especially today, when many people are spending much more time at home, a blanket is the perfect companion for a night in. A queen blanket will be significantly larger than a throw, but not as heavy and bulky as a comforter – the perfect cuddling size to fit across two people for a movie date night. Any size blanket is can be used for sleepover forts, or to create a plush sleep environment for backyard camping. When not in use, blankets will fold up neatly and compactly for easy storage.

The Sleep Number® True Temp™ Down Alternative blanket incorporates Tracy’s top three favorite uses with 37.5® technology designed to help keep you at your ideal body temperature longer.

“Introducing the latest performance driven blanket on the market that combines comfort with quality. Hiding in plain sight is a host of powerful temperature balancing features to help you hit your sleep goals – and so much more,” Miller said.

37.5® Technology is a revolutionary material originally used in outdoor apparel brands including Rab®, Under Armour®, Adidas®, and Thermarest® for its odor and temperature control. Essentially, the technology incorporates naturally derived, active particles to keep your body at the ideal temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius and keeps the microclimate of your skin at the ideal humidity of 37.5 percent. Active particles embedded in 37.5 Technology remove sweat while it is still in the vapor stage, therefore cooling you down before you get overheated. If your body is getting cold, the same particles trap your energy to warm you up.

The construction of the True Temp™ blanket incorporates 37.5® Technology in the fabric and the fill, uniquely optimizing your comfort from the inside out. Since the active particles work independently to keep one’s personal body temperature cool and dry, a hot sleeper and a cold sleeper can both sleep comfortably with one blanket.

“When it comes down to it, the True Temp Down Alternative blanket is really such an amazing value and investment! The quality in its fabric and the resourcefulness of its many uses cannot be compared to – it has created its own category,” Miller said.

This product has a fashionable aspect to it as well. This blanket is ideal for layering with other fashion bedding products. It is available in five different colors, with coordinating piping and a narrow rectangle quilt pattern that gives the blanket a modern and clean look.

The versatile True Temp™ blanket is available now at Sleep Number. For more information, visit or

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